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fluent, Santander, Spain

11th – 30th March, 2018
fluent is pleased to present Tracts, the first solo exhibition in Spain by artists Julia Crabtree and William Evans.

The UK duo explore materiality and embodiment through the creation of haptic atmospheres and biomorphic sculptures that are both voluptuous and metamorphic. Employing a hybrid visual language, they seek to create layers and connections between manufactured production and natural ecosystems.

Tracts continues their investigation into the coevolution of natural and individual identities through an approach that foregrounds the politics and subjectivities of entropy, and its impact on our understanding of reality. Materiality becomes the pillar for their peculiar type of sensual environmentalism, which addresses the senses while referencing the continuous entanglements between our physical world and collective imaginaries, in strangely constructed scenarios.

The exhibition includes works developed as part of a long-term research and commissioning process, alongside new pieces, creating a sculptural work spread across fluent's exhibition space.